Supplementary invoice information available in the HSE Portal


To access this information, you must be an admin or have been granted access by an administrator, see our Guide and the section "How to access the business?" Here you will also find information on how to proceed to assign access, see the section «Delegate access to others».

To get additional information about invoices, you must be logged in to the HSE Portal and have selected the main unit, the information and the option "Invoice" will only be available on main units.

This is what a main unit will look like in the unit hierarchy:

Now that we are logged in to the HSE Portal and have chosen the main unit for our business, this choice appears:

Then press "Show all", and you will see this image:

Here you click on the InternRef number you want more information about, in this case: 15616161-abbadf-123254-asdasd12.

You will see a general information box showing what the order contains:

You can take this a step further by expanding the rectangle that displays order information. Here you will see, among other things, who the order is for and who has ordered.

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